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jen franklin
Cheaply made

Very poorly made. Very flimsy and takes awhile to put together. Takes 2 to make putting it together quicker. More sturdy with things on it but still makes me nervous. Not worth the price.

website Customer
Nope...dont do it

No instruction and once they are out of the box, there is no way to get them back in to rerun them! I would rerun them, but this jigsaw puzzle isnt going back in that little box!

Sturdy but not that deep

Like the title says. I increased the sized by laying some two by four reinforced Lynwood between them and made a high capacity shelving unit. Very sturdy though. They hold hella weight.

Jeffrey Korte
Afraid to Place My Broken Dishes on This

Admittedly Im a novice at buying and assembling shelving but was looking for something inexpensive. Well, I got what I paid for.The metal is not strong nor sturdy when built. Add to it 4 of the primary vertical bars came bent. I kept it only to avoid the hassle of returning it.Bottom line, this is going to go in a shed and nothing of importance will be placed on it.

rick greene
absolutely no instructions came with the box.

I would not order this product again. its not very sturdy and tries to fall apart when you move it. i dont think it will hold as much as they say. the shelves are 1/4 in. mdf board and doesnt hold up to any humidity at all. again i believe it is not a very high quality product.

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