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Randy Haffner
decent unit

Definitely a little overpriced . A bit rickety but the size doctor shelving is exactly what I needed . Really hoping I can order a couple more shelves for it at a reasonable price


Quality product. Excellent workmanship and easy to install.

Solid Simple Shelving for Garage

Easy to assemble. No screws necessary. Everything slots together and is held in place by gravity. You may want a rubber mallet to get things fully slotted, though, not having this, I was able to make do with a few hits using gloved fists, and some gentle hammer taps here and there. I was a bit skeptical of the strength at first, with the first few pieces going together seeming pretty flimsy, but once fully assembled theyre quite sturdy. After testing one shelf, I bought two more. The third one unfortunately came with an incorrect part, but after contacting G-Rack, they were awesome and sent an entire replacement shelf!

Not sure if it worth it.

First of all, the box came damaged. Serveral boards got scratched on both the surface and the sides. The original package felt thin and was clearly not designed for the handling of the carriers.The installation was not easy. You need a rubber maullet. Quite a few parts would not align well. I had to use a pair of pliers to bend the pieces. It took way longer than I hoped to put everything together.The finished shleves looked good. I like that it can be used as two separate lower shelves instead of a tall one. But I dont think it can support nearly as much weight as it claims. So use with caution!Lastly, it has a strong smell. I left in a windowed room for days and the smell is still there. Hopefully it can be gone in another week or two.Overall, just an ok item for the price imo.

Bon rayonnage mais a consoliderGood shelving but needs to be consolidated

Even if the product meets my expectations, that is to say shelving, it seems important to me to point out that it is necessary to strengthen it by keeping it on the wall on which it is positioned. The junction elements are useless and in any case do not strengthen the structure. Another drawback is the smell of MDF shelves that smell very strong, which is very unpleasant. Its been several weeks since I installed them and this smell is still lingering. Because of this, the shelving fulfills its function well and saves a lot of space.

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